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[전략사업본부 팀소개] Always Dynamic , "Data Analytics and Marketing Team"

2017-01-17 19:02

오늘 마지막으로 소개해 드릴 팀은 매일 매일이 다이나믹한 일들의 연속인 Data Analytics and Marketing Team (이하 D.A.M.T)입니다!

전 세계 바이어들과 매일매일 연락하며 실시간으로 해외 시장 정보를 취득하는 D.A.M.T!

D.A.M.T 의 업무 분위기와 구체적인 업무내용이 무엇인지, 직원들의 인터뷰를 통해 함께 확인해 보실까요?

(D.A.M.T 의 인터뷰는 모국어보다 한국어가 더 편한^^ 외국인 혹은 오랜 외국생활을 해오신 분들인 관계로 영어로 진행되었으니 두 눈 크게 뜨고 읽어 주세요!)

◆  직무 소개 PART 1. <#Passion #Communication>


슬라이드1 (3)

Q. Please, Introduce yourself

A. Hello, I am Sam, Roy, Dmitriy. We work as a part of Data Analytics and Marketing Team at EC21 Inc.

Q. Could you briefly explain the work your team does?

A. Data Analytics and Marketing Team is responsible for finding buyers, acquiring marketing data, arranging overseas and domestic  trade events(exhibitions, seminars) and executing overseas sales for Korean SMEs.

Q. Could you please tell about atmosphere in the team?

A. The atmosphere in the office is light, and not really very formal unless there is a really big event or meeting. It is always lively and a bit noisy at times but its never formal and uneasy. There are times when there are meetings held within the office but nevertheless, the atmosphere remains easy and even fun at times. Our team is composed of energetic, self-motivated, and friendly individuals who enjoy the new challenge of matching Korean SMEs' wants with their potential buyers' needs from overseas. our team understands that the outcomes of marketing in practice can get unexpectedly situational and we are internally communicating directly from one to the other in a fast pace in order to minimize the uncertainties


◆  직무 소개 PART 2.<#Curious #Listener and Speaker>

슬라이드2 (3)

Q.  In your opinion, what are the most important qualities of a marketer to be successful?

A1. Being a marketer means, that you will have to communicate with a lot of people inside of EC21 and outside of it. Being not afraid to talk to a new person, knowing when to lead and when to follow the conversation flow, and slightly be a good listener than a good speaker. In my opinion people who laugh, who understand flow of conversation and the one who is appealing with the products to a human side of the buyer rather than financial side, will be more successful.

A2. A successful marketer, must be able to think outside the box. For every project there is going to be a list of questions that needs to be answered and a suggestion of how they can ask or request for the information needed. However, in practice, they cannot really ask the question as it is written in their TM guides. They have to be able to edit or revise the question in a way that can be easily communicated to the buyer and can be easily answered.

A3. Curious, Outgoing and have Critical Thinking.

Being a marketer during working hours won’t be enough, one must be curious about the products he or she markets, so it’s important to look up trends in the target countries, so it’s important to be interested and being curious on the matters happening in the target countries.Being outgoing is important because a part of a job is meeting with different people it is essential to be friendly and enjoy other people’s company.As we deal with middle and small sized companies, some of the products are Korean market oriented, so one has to come up with creative ideas to explain the product to the customers


◆  직무 소개 PART 3. <#Successful Maketer #Marketing skill>

슬라이드3 (3)

Q. How would you describe personality of a successful marketer

A. You must possess patience, since things are not going to turn up the way one expects. People you speak to will be rude or you may have difficulty speaking with them, so patience is a must. Another thing is that you need to be efficient. You only got a limited time to talk to a person and within that time you have to gather every bit of information about the company you are speaking with. The very basic one requirement for being a marketer is being good at communicating with other people, it doesn’t mean that one has to talk fancy, it means that a marketer should know how to listen, and then to speak so others would understand him or her.

Q. What makes the work that you do unique?

A. 1.Freedom. It’s hard to find a Korean company that gives so much freedom and believes in its employees. We believe that by communicating with each other everyone can grow and self-develop. All of the employees are given the freedom to execute the project, by their own methods. This results in new more creative ways to work and to watch others create new ways to open new horizons for each other.

2.Helping SMEs. It’s a rare chance to work with different products, and different areas. It broadens your sight and helps to understand how things work, meeting different people from various countries makes you understand how people think, what are their values etc.

Q. What were your expectations of the work at EC21, before being employed?

A. I expected that I will have to work a lot of midnight shifts since there are a lot of companies that is trying to export into the US and European countries. And as expected, I did, the time difference may be a bit difficult to deal with and when done often it did take toll on my health but if I do it in moderation like twice a week. What I didn't expect is for EC21 to do a major adjustment to the scheduling especially for the few employees that do midnight shifts,  the following day after a midnight shift, schedules are changed to afternoon so it wouldn't be too hard for us to come to work and we wouldn't be suffering from lack of sleep.

Q. What skills are necessary to execute projects, you manage?

A. For the Data Analytics and Marketing Team, English writing & comprehension skills is necessary because even though the reports and the internal works are all done in Korean, all the raw data that the marketers provide and we process are all going to be in English. Excel and Office is a good skill although you can learn about this when you get to work.

In order to execute a project it is also necessary to be clear in expressing one’s mind, because even though it seems that communication is really easy, it is essential to avoid any kind of communication breakdowns.


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